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Parameters of self-propelled modular transporter

Release Time : 2018-02-01 09:23:08

The self-propelled modular transporter is a kind of high end product which is derived on the basis of hydraulic assembly trailer. The utility model is composed of a driving axle module transport vehicle and a power module unit (PPU). The module can be connected mechanically, and can be freely positioned, transporting goods up to ten thousand tons.     

     Main assembly technical parameters         

 1 power module unit technical parameters       

   Length (mm)           3,770

   Width (mm)           2,980

  Height (mm)           850

 Lifting angle (DEG)           12

Self weight (kg)           6,000

 Engine manufacturer           MAN         

 Engine type           D2876LUE604         

 Engine power (kW/ RPM)           375/ 2000        

  emission standard           Europe III          

Fuel tank volume (L)           400

 Hydraulic tank capacity (L)           850

 Maximum operating pressure of drive system (bar)           410           Steering system maximum operating pressure (bar)           300

Electrical system (V)           28

   Remote control           Wire or radio

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