Shanghai Ruiqianhe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Ruiqianhe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.
Rui trailer is a Chinese-based heavy transport trailers manufacturer. We provide full set of solution for heavy-haul transportation, nothing is too heavy,or too long for our specialized heavy-haul trailers. Over the years we have taken advantage of advanced enterprise management methods and flexible business mechanisms. We use people-oriented actions and outstanding systems, dedicating ourselves to different kinds of heavy transport trailers. Our heavy trailers for sale include hydraulic modular trailers, electrical and automatic-control heavy-duty trailers, micro electric control, and bridge engineering modular transporters at home and abroad.
Heavy Duty Trailers
Rui's heavy-duty trailers are fully compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL heavy-duty modules. With different suspensions of Ball Bearing Race Ring and Pivot Bearing. This heavy transport trailers series can have different heavy trailers for sale from 25 ton up to 45 tons, which can meet with different requirements of transport tasks.
Self Propelled Modular Transporter
Rui's SPMT series is a transporter independently researched and developed by Rui trailer for transporting extra-large cargoes. These heavy haulage trailers mainly consist of power pack units (PPU), and 4/6 axle line modules and could be coupled into various patterns according to different needs. It is mainly applied in the transferring and ro-ro ship of large structures for offshore oil platforms, the petrochemical industry, large ship blocks, road/ railway precast bridges, etc.
Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer
These specialized heavy haul trailers can provide a perfect one-stop solution for wind energy industry use. These heavy transport trailers can transport all kinds of wind blades, wind turbines and wind towers in various ways, no matter how long, how high, or which tough area the vehicle will reach. Purchase our wind turbine blade transport trailer now for easier, safer, and more efficient heavy duty transportation.
Semi Low Loader
Our full line of 2-axle to 10-axle low-bed trailer include a wide range of extendable trailers with hydraulic suspension, and knuckle steering to suit extra-long cargo needs. Detachable Gooseneck Trailer to serve the earth moving machine market, as well as other basic models available. Check our specialized low-bed heavy haul trailers to help move your business forward.
Rui Trailer engages in the R&D and manufacturing of specialized heavy haulage trailers including heavy-duty trailers, SPMT, etc. Our heavy trailers for sale are sold to both domestic and overseas markets. They are widely applied in Wind Energy, shipbuilding, offshore engineering, infrastructure, bridge and tunnel engineering, aerospace, road transportation, and so on.
Manufacturer Of Heavy Duty Trailers And Related Equipment

Ruiqianhe is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trailers and related equipment servicing the heavy haulage industry. The capacities of our heavy trailers for sale range from 20 tonnes to over 1,000 tonnes, catering for the transporting of both specialized equipment and bulk cargo. 

Established in 1998, the organization is a leading supplier of heavy haulage trailers for various applications throughout China. We also have a successful export division to international markets. Our main heavy trailers for sale are Self-Propelled Modular Trailers, Shipyard Transporters, Hydraulic Modular trailers, Hydraulic Semi-Trailers, Extendable flatbed trailers, Wind blade trailers, and so on.

Till now, Rui Trailer has successfully supplied world-class products and services to over 30 countries and areas around the world, such as Holland, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Poland, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Kenya, Sudan, Libya, etc. As a leader in heavy-duty trailer manufacturing and dedicated to customer relationships, integrity, and respect, Rui Trailer, a pro heavy haulage trailer supplier, focuses on innovative research, development, excellent product support, and after-sales service.

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