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Girder Bridge Trailer

Girder Bridge Trailer is an indispensable category in the field of heavy cargo transportation. With the development of industry, especially the vigorous rise of heavy industries such as the chemical industry, nuclear power, and metallurgy, the construction of super mega equipment has become more and more common. Generally speaking, a modular trailer or SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) can be used to transport such super mega parts, but it may not be suitable under certain circumstances, such as ground clearance height limit requirements during transportation. At this time, the girder bridge trailer is needed.

Girder Bridge Trailer Characteristics

Normally, a girder bridge trailer has the characteristics of low transportation height, convenience, and safe loading and unloading. And as a professional heavy haulage trailer supplier, Rui Trailer's girder frame trailers give full play to these characteristics. The super load weight ratio and modular design of our girder bridge trailer are leading in the industry.

Aiming to provide the best heavy transport trailers, Rui Trailer provides girder frame transport solutions for the heavy-duty transport market both in China and oversea.

Girder Bridge Trailer Characteristics


Min length:
Loading capacity when on min length:
450 t
Lifting cylinder diameter:
Sagging of main girder:

80mm(length on 8m)

Hanging beam sagging:
45mm(length 5.9m,width 4.5m)
Turning radium(out):


Turning radium(inner):

Girder Frame Trailers Loading Curve

Girder Frame Trailers Loading Curve

Girder Bridge Trailer Turning Radium

Girder Bridge Trailer Turning Radium

Bridge Girder Transport Trailer Advantages

Transporting bridge girder trailers from semi-low bed trailer offer several advantages:

Efficient transportation: Girder bridges can be very long and heavy, making them difficult to transport using standard trailers. Specialized girder bridge transport trailers are designed to handle these loads efficiently, reducing the number of trips required to transport the bridge components.

Improved safety: Transporting girder bridges using specialized trailers reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. These girder bridge trailers are designed with safety features such as hydraulic steering, advanced braking systems, and load monitoring systems to ensure that the bridge components are transported safely and securely.

Reduced cost: Using specialized trailers for girder bridge transport can be more cost-effective than using standard trailers or other transportation methods. These girder trailers are designed to carry heavy loads efficiently, reducing the overall cost of transportation.

Customizable design: Girder bridge transport trailers can be designed to fit specific project requirements. The trailers can be customized with various features such as adjustable height, length, and width to accommodate different types of bridge components.

Environmental benefits: Using specialized trailers for girder bridge transport can reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation process. The trailers are designed to transport large loads efficiently, reducing the number of trips required and the associated emissions.

Overall, specialized girder bridge transport trailers offer efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions that can improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of bridge construction projects.

Girder Bridge Trailer Key Features

Girder Bridge Trailer Key Features

  • Mega equipment is huge and irregular, so it is difficult to load and bind. Girder Bridge Trailer is the safe way for such mega segment.

  • Since the equipment generally need to transport across, cities and regions and occupy a lot of lanes, sometimes they need to pass by roads or closed roads. Girder Bridge Trailer can save the time on transport way.

  • The application of computer and information technology such as CAD technology, animation simulation transportation have been used on design period. The popularization and application of computer technology will bring great changes to whole system.

  • The application of computer modeling, drawing and other software provides a scientific basis for the experiment and checking calculation of safety and equipment fabricate, saving time, energy and cost.

Girder Bridge Trailer Video

Four Types Of Girder Bridge Trailer For Mega Cargo Transportation

Introduction Girder Bridge Trailer

The basic structure of the Girder Bridge Trailer is to bridge the beam frame for the load on the front and rear separated transport modules. The transport objects are "lifted" by the beam, and the load is transmitted to the front and rear multi-axle transport modules through the base of the beam frame, so as to realize load sharing. Since there is no wheel limit below the bearing surface of the beam frame, the height of the overall transport can be controlled very low, or even directly lowered to the ground, which is very favorable for some occasions requiring transport height; The loading and unloading of goods by Girder Bridge Trailer are very convenient and safe, and some types can be realized by their own functions without the assistance of lifting equipment; In addition, the steering structure of the split transport vehicle is also very flexible. Even if the total length of the vehicle is very long, it is not laborious when turning at a large angle.

The development of Girder Bridge Trailer has been quite mature, and the forms have differentiated into many different types, but they can be divided into the following four types.

One is a side girder bridge. The middle part of the side girder bridge sinks close to the ground and is in a "concave" shape as a whole. The transportation is directly carried on the support frame at the bottom. Because the beam frame on the side of the load area is very low, it will be easier to lift the transportation from the side.

Girder Bridge Trailer

The second is girder bridge, which directly loaded on the upper part of the main beam. The overall beam frame shape is also similar to the first, in a "concave" shape, but the bottom is empty. The protrusions on the side of the transport object are directly loaded on the upper part of the main beam, which can be easily loaded and unloaded by adjusting the height of the beam. This mode of girder frame transport requires a stable supportable area to be installed on the side of the transport object.

Girder Bridge Trailer

The third is a high girder bridge. The load area of the beam frame in the girder bridge trailer is higher than the first two. The hanging belt fixed on the main beam is used to carry the load from the bottom of the transportation.  And the transportation is basically wrapped in the middle, and the protection safety of the side is better.

Girder Bridge Trailer

The fourth is the clamp-type girder bridge. The beam frames at both ends are not connected as a whole but are directly fixed at both ends of the transport object, which can minimize the self-weight of the transport vehicle and facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. However, this method requires that the transport object must have sufficient strength and that standardized butt joints be installed at both ends. This method is often used to transport super-large transformers, etc.

Girder Bridge Trailer

The latter three of the above four types can complete the loading and unloading of goods without the help of a crane, which is safe and fast.

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