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Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

Wind energy is one of the cleanest renewable energy in nature and has attracted more and more attention all over the world. China's new energy strategy development focuses on the vigorous development of wind power generation. Since 2008, domestic wind power construction has reached a high level.

The strong investment and construction of wind power in the national market has also driven the alternative large cargo transportation industry of wind blade transportation. Such wind blades are used for wind turbine blade transport . Rui trailer has keen in contact with transport company for such trailer develop and can make all kinds of wind turbine blade trailers for your need.

Different Suspsnsion Option of Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

The wind turbine blade trailer suspension type includes leaf spring suspension, hydraulic suspension, and airbag suspension Let's introduce to you:

The leaf spring blade trailer is somewhat similar to the semi-low loader, but its chassis adopts the box design. The chassis adjusts the trailer length through pulling to adapt to the wind blade transport of different lengths. It is understood that the maximum length of the current wind turbine blade on a trailer can reach 70m.

The biggest difference between the hydraulic blade trailer and the ordinary blade trailer is that the axle adopts the hydraulic axle design, which makes the platform of the blade trailer lower and the steering more flexible.

Airbag suspension is the most economic way between the above two options, it can have a limited stroke and also can have a balance between each axle. 

Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

Wind Turbine Blade Trailer Key Features

  • The telescopic boom can be 1-3 in option, the max length will Up to 70m

  • Go with high grade of steel which makes on the booms, so can make the trailer Lightweight in tare weight

  • Go with hydraulic forcing steering and integrated powerful power pack, which can make the steering angle to above 50 degree

  • Different kind way of smart design on blade lifter wind turbine so can keep the loading platform in a low position

  • Use durable axle and suspension with trailer, to keep the trailer can have a high payload

  • Various suspension systems in options for different kinds of transport tasks: 

    1. Turntable steering

    2. Knuckle steering

    3. Hydraulic swing axle

Hot Wind Turbine Blade Trailer Topics

Special Feature Design - Maintainability for Wind Tower Trailer

Special Feature Design - Maintainability for Wind Tower Trailer

Convenient detection and operation: parts and instruments requiring frequent inspection, maintenance, adjustment, cleaning, lubrication, and testing shall be arranged inaccessible positions. Lubricating fluid: the lubricating fluid (grease) and other adding ports are arranged at a position convenient for one person to operate. Parts and components: standard parts and components are preferred. Vulnerable parts, electrical components, and valves are common to the windmill blade on semi, so as to improve the universality of parts and assemblies between series products and improve the interchangeability of parts and components. The trailer is equipped with various indicator lights and alarm functions, which can effectively guide the user to carry out maintenance operations, troubleshooting and transportation of wind turbine blades. 

A lifting point is set on the trailer side body, and the lifting lug on the trailer is welded on the frame, which is convenient for lifting. The operation manual has specific operation methods and precautions for maintenance items. All oil filter elements, diesel filter elements, and hydraulic filter elements are specified with model and maintenance cycle requirements. The grades of fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and coolant used are clearly specified.

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