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Heavy Duty Trailer Heavy Duty Trailer

Describes the features and applications of a heavy-duty trailer which is commonly used for medium to long-distance freight transportation. It emphasizes its strong structure, ability to support heavy loads and suitability for transporting various heavy-duty goods. The heavy duty transport's design, loading process, and walking structure are also discussed, highlighting its stability, safety, and capacity to navigate obstacles.
Multi Axle Trailer Multi Axle Trailer

Multi-axle modular trailers are versatile vehicles designed for transporting heavy cargo. They have interchangeable structures and hydraulic features like shaft compensation and steering systems. The trailers can be connected in various ways and have a gooseneck device for distributing load pressure. They are ideal for transporting large components, machinery, and equipment with a low cargo platform height.
Semi Low Loader Semi Low Loader

This paragraph describes the features and capabilities of a hydraulic suspension system. It highlights the platform's adjustable height, stable wheels, small turning radius, and steering options. The structure is noted as strong and durable with a high load-carrying capacity. The system adapts to uneven road conditions and includes safety measures like a hydraulic circuit with a safety valve and a brake airbox for immediate braking. Maintenance is made easy with accessible oblique shafts and suspension, and the system incorporates pneumatic and hydraulic quick couplings. The connection pin and longitudinal connection are fast due to the hydraulic cylinder, and a double-circuit hydraulic system ensures safe operation.
Wind Blade Trailer Wind Blade Trailer

The wind blade trailer has three or four axles and is 20 meters long with a telescopic function. It can extend up to 70 meters. Equipped with a hydraulic steering device, it allows smooth operation and flexible turning for transporting wind turbine blades of different sizes.
Detachable Gooseneck Trailer Detachable Gooseneck Trailer

The removable gooseneck trailer features a gooseneck configuration power unit and hydraulic device. This allows for quick separation of the gooseneck from the loading platform, enabling equipment to move from the front end of the trailer to complete loading. The gooseneck has 4 hydraulic cylinders, 2 longitudinal and 2 horizontal, and can be lifted or lowered using the hydraulic device. By operating the tie rod and the hydraulic device of the cross beam, the gooseneck can be separated from the working platform.
Spmt Spmt

The SPMT trailer, also known as the self-propelled modular transporter, is primarily used for transporting heavy, large, high, and uniquely shaped structures. Its key advantages include flexible usage, convenient loading and unloading, and a load capacity exceeding 50,000 tons through multi-modular mechanical assembly or free combination. This type of trailer finds wide application in various industries such as equipment manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, offshore oil, and bridge construction.