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Hydraulic Axle Trailer

Hydraulic trailer is the basic model of the heavy cargo logistics transportation industry, which is the design basis of most heavy cargo transportation vehicles. Well deigned by Rui Trailer, one of the pro hydraulic axles manufacturers in China, our hydraulic trailer for sale adopts hydraulic suspension and integral traction steering, hydraulic control lifting, three-point or four-point support, all-wheel traction or forced steering, and all-wheel braking. Therefore, hydraulic trailer for sale has the characteristics of low platform height, uniform axle load, small turning radius, flexible and reliable turning, hydraulic low loader trailer, etc. With the box-type chassis and modular design, our hydraulic lowboy trailer can be combinate according to different lengths and weights of cargo and can be combined horizontally and longitudinally. 

Possessing the advantages of fast combinate, convenient installation, and simple and easy operation, our hydraulic axle low loader trailer has a certain self-loading and self-off loading capacity. When driving on up and down ramps or slopes, the platform can be adjusted within a certain range to maintain a balanced position. In addition, the hydraulic trailer is equipped with a hydraulic gooseneck, which can be used as a hydraulic semi-trailer, and is suitable for high-speed and long-distance driving on the expressway.

Multi-Axle Hydraulic Modular Trailer Specifications

Number of Axle-line(n)












Total Weight(t)






Rated Payload(t)

61 25.8

91.5 38.7

122.8 52.4

152.5 64.5


Dead Weight(t)






Load Per Axle Line(t)

34 16.4

34 16.4

34 16.4

34 16.4

34 16.4

Total Length(mm)






Total Width(mm)



1175 ±300

Axles Distance(mm)


Wheels Distance(mm)


Tyre Specification


Rim Specification


Number of Tyre






Max.Turning Angle of Wheel


Min.Turning Radius(mm)

inner 450

inner 1500

inner 2600

inner 1500

inner 2000


outer 5800

outer 7600

outer 5800

outer 6700

Hydraulic Trailer Meaning

Realize the three/four-point support of the frame to make the axle load uniform.

Modular Hydraulic Axle Trailer

The horizontal position of the frame can be adjusted when driving on slopes and ramps.

The frame can be lifted and lowered to realize certain self-loading and self-unloading.

When parking under heavy loads, the chassis of the modular hydraulic trailer can be lowered close to the ground to a free load of the tire.

Hydraulic Axle Detach Trailer

The axle and tire can be lifted separately to facilitate maintenance and tire replacement.

When there are pits or bumps on the road, the load platform of hydraulic axle trailers can always remain horizontal when the vehicle is driving, and the shock absorption performance is excellent; The vehicle support system can be adjusted by the suspension hydraulic system to form three-point support or four-point support.

Hydraulic Trailer Meaning

Hydraulic Multi Axle Modular Trailer Key Features

Hydraulic Multi Axle Modular Trailer Key Features

  • Free combination with each module on longitudinal direction and side by side

  • Box-shaped design on the main chassis which with high payload and with integrated air and hydraulic oil tank inside

  • Four points support the hydraulic system which makes a load safe

  • Hydraulic pin for combination with each module, make operation job easy

  • Swivel head mounted to the module, make steering under control

  • Brand accumulator to keep overturning will not damage with trailer

  • Safety valve work on all suspension, to make sure all suspension keeps safe work

  • Maximum steering + / – 55° for all action

  • Hydraulic detach trailer in independent steering cylinder consist on every module

  • Dule line all-wheel brakes among hydraulic lowboy trailers

  • Adopt with today's technology on the hydraulic trailer which production can Compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL well

Hydraulic Axle Trailer Video

Hydraulic Axle Trailer Applications

Hydraulic axle trailer, also known as modular trailer or heavy-duty modules, self-propelled modular transporter for sale, is mainly used for the transportation of heavy, large, and high different structures. Its advantages are flexible use, convenient loading and unloading, and the load capacity of the multi-axle modular trailer can reach more than 50,000 tons under the condition of module assembly or free combination. The hydraulic modular trailer is widely used in equipment manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, offshore oil, bridge construction, and other engineering fields.

The commonly used method of loading modules by offshore cranes has the disadvantages of high cost, long operation time, and high-risk factors. Compared with the roll-on and roll-off method of more hydraulic axle trailers in the market, the technology is obviously backward. Using the heavy-duty modules, SPMT to transport the project cargo can complete the cargo transportation more flexibly and safely. In addition, the use of multi-axle modular trailers to transport such cargo does not need to consider factors such as offshore crane coverage, so the requirements for the construction location of the building sector are also low, which is conducive to the company's more reasonable site planning. By studying and mastering the technology of launching the marine module with the modular trailer or SPMT, we can not only reduce the cost and improve the efficiency but also provide new technical solutions for other projects and fill the gap in this field.

How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Axle Lowboy Trailer?

In the relevant reports of heavy cargo transportation or when buying hydraulic axle trailers we often hear the statements of 2 line 4 axle,3 line six axle. I believe many friends are confused by these professional terms. So, today we will take this opportunity to talk to you about the basic parameters of a hydraulic axle trailer! Seeing the end definitely makes you know "several axles and lines" clearly!

First, let's understand the basic concepts of length, width, and wheelbase.

How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Axle Lowboy Trailer

Trailer length L

Trailer length refers to the length of the cargo platform of the hydraulic axle trailer, which is the distance from the front splicing end face to the last splicing end face of the trailer body, as shown in the L dimension in the above figure.

Trailer width b

Trailer width refers to the outermost width of the hydraulic lowboy trailer, as shown in dimension B in the above figure. In the design of a hydraulic flat trailer, the outermost tire is the same width as the vehicle body, and the width of the vehicle body is the width of the cargo platform. Therefore, the width of the hydraulic axle trailer is not only the width of the cargo platform of the vehicle set but also the traffic width of the trailer.

Trailer wheelbase a

The distance between every two axles of the trailer is called the wheelbase, as shown in dimension an in the above figure. A hydraulic axle trailer is generally set with an equal wheelbase. There may be multiple wheels and suspensions on one line. Since most modular trailers can be spliced horizontally, the number of axles of the trailer can be adjusted according to the quality or size of the goods.

The number of suspension columns along the transverse direction of the hydraulic multi-axle modular trailer is called the number of columns of the trailer, in other words, the number of suspensions (axles) on the axles of a trailer.

Hydraulic Axles Manufacturer Advantages

Rui Trailer is a manufacturer of heavy-duty transport, and we offer several advantages over modular trailer manufacturers. Some of the advantages of Rui Trailer hydraulic axles include:

High-quality materials: Rui Trailer uses high-quality materials to manufacture its hydraulic axles, which ensures durability and longevity.

Advanced technology: Rui Trailer uses advanced technology in the production of its hydraulic axles, which ensures precision and accuracy in the manufacturing process.

Customization: Rui Trailer offers customization options for their hydraulic axles, which means that customers can choose the specifications that best fit their needs.

Excellent after-sales service: Rui Trailer provides excellent after-sales service to its customers, which includes technical support and maintenance services.

Competitive pricing: Rui Trailer offers competitive pricing for its hydraulic axles, which makes them an affordable option for customers.

Overall, Rui Trailer's hydraulic axle trailer offers a combination of quality, technology, customization, service, and affordability that make them a popular choice among modular trailer manufacturers and users.

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