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Extended Flatbed Trailer

The traditional low-bed trailer can not meet the demand of long cargo transportation in many cases. As required, we design the extended flatbed trailer according to different lengths of cargo. The cargo loading platform can be extended and retracted freely.

Forced steering is the most commonly used steering form for the extendable trailer, and knuckle steering is the most common form of extendable flatbed trailer steering for sale. It is important that the maximum steering angle can reach 45 degrees.

Advantages Of Extended Flatbed Trailer With All Wheel Steering Technology

Conform To Ackerman Steering Principle

According to the automobile theory, if the vehicle can turn normally, the value of the wheel angle must comply with the Ackerman angle theory, that is, the normal of each vehicle intersects at a point, which is called the steering center of the vehicle. When the vehicle turns, the all-wheel steering system on an extended flatbed trailer can make each wheel coordinate according to the angle value in Ackerman angle theory during the whole turning process of the vehicle, so that each wheel is basically in a rolling state during turning and driving. When a general vehicle turns, the wheel angle can not meet the value in Ackerman angle theory, so there is serious friction between the wheel and the ground in the process of turning. It shows a large turning radius and sideslip.

Extendable Flatbed

Reduce Tire Wear And Make Long-term Use More Economical

According to statistics, tire wear accounts for the main part of the operation and maintenance cost of extendable trailers. The selling price of a semi-trailer using all wheel steering technology is higher than that of an ordinary low-bed trailer, but considering the long-term use, it is more economical because the trailer is in good condition, has fewer maintenance times, and less tire replacement times.

Reduce Steering Space

Compared with the semi-low loader trailer whose wheels do not have steering function, the extendable flat trailer for sale whose wheels have steering function needs less road width in the process of steering. the minimum turning radius of the hydraulic force steering is much smaller.

Extendable Flatbed Trailer

Helps Fuel Economy

Compared with nonsteering semi-trailer and semi-trailer with the hydraulic steering system, semi-trailer with all-wheel active steering system has better fuel economy.

How to deal with super long cargos with extendable flat trailer for sale?

Most extendable trailers for sale with low loading and unloading surfaces can be extended laterally. This function is mainly realized by steel, aluminum, or wooden rotating arm or telescopic arm. On some heavy-duty trailers, hydraulic lateral extend arms are also equipped. At present, a three-stage extension can be realized at most. Longitudinal extension inevitably requires the energy supply of the transmission device to extend in the same direction. To this end, a device called an "energy chain" is most used today. By fixing the pipeline in the "energy chain", the damage to the pipeline caused by the lifting process can be effectively avoided. 

Key Features of Extendable Trailer For Sale

Key Features of Extendable Trailer For Sale

  • In order to effectively quality of the oil cylinder, we cooperate with many excellent suppliers to devote themselves to R & D, and specially customize the sealing ring, which has remarkable oil leakage prevention effect, and the arrangement of the oil cylinder is more reasonable. After the oil cylinder is assembled, a 100% pressure test and top test are carried out to ensure that it leaves the factory without defect. 

  • As a new process, electrophoresis + powder spraying not only saves energy and environmental protection but also further improves the product quality and further enhances the corrosion resistance and durability of the product.

  • We have improved the structure and stress of the extendable drop deck trailer, strengthened the chassis with a series of stiffeners, and achieved effective torsion resistance. 

  • Our extendable trailer for sale is made of solid materials, not just good materials. The vehicle not only pays attention to the massiness and firmness of key parts, but also has many design details.

  • Our extendable flat trailer for sale adopts 100% full thickness wear-resistant steel, and the bottom plate does not need hot-rolled plate. Extruded cold hardening steel is adopted. 

  • All the gas pipelines are anti bending and anti torsion gas pipelines to prevent air leakage. 

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