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Heavy Duty Trailer Application For Infrastructure

These heavy-duty equipment (goods) being transported play an important role in the INFRASTRUCTURE of national key engineering projects.

1. An Important Role In The Infrastructure

Heavy-duty transportation not only carries heavy-duty equipment (core components) required for energy and infrastructure construction but also carries rockets, warships, shield machines (TBM), bridge segments, high-speed railways, etc. At the same time, it is indispensable in emergency rescue and military logistics. The major transportation industry involves energy, petroleum, petrochemical, transportation, metallurgy, machinery, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, aerospace, and so on. Along with the deepening of the construction of the whole area, the transportation of such heavy-duty pieces plays an important role in equipment export and import.

2. Advantages Of Heavy Duty Cargo Transportation

As a rapidly developing industry, heavy-duty cargo transportation has the internal requirements of "professionalism, standardization, and safety". Compared with ordinary transportation, heavy-duty cargo transportation has higher requirements for enterprises' professional skills.

With the gradual rise of the quality and overall size of equipment, Heavy Transport Trailers are also developing to a high level. Heavy-duty trailers, as well as girder bridge trailer, cargo platform, wind blade trailer, blade lifter, already fully meet the requirements of heavy-duty cargo transportation of 1000 ton and above.

Although the demand for highway heavy-duty transportation accounts for a low proportion in the total national logistics, but most of them belong to the key equipment for the construction of major national projects. The high-quality development of the country is inseparable from heavy-duty transportation.