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Self Propelled Trailer

Self Propelled Trailer is mainly used for the transportation of ODC cargo. Its advantages are flexible use, convenient loading and unloading, and high load capacity. Self propelled modular trailer is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, offshore, construction and other engineering fields. The trailer transportation system mainly includes two components: power pack unit (PPU) and driving modules

Self Propelled Trailer has good maneuverability. When there is a certain vertical and horizontal slope on the ground, the loading platform can automatically leveling the platform through the hydraulic suspension system to maintain the platform stable, which can be freely combined according to the weight quality and size of the cargo, with wide adaptability. In recent years, self propelled trailer has been widely used in many projects.

Specifications Of Self Propelled Trailer

Technical performance parameters module unit

2 axle line drive unit

length (mm)

3 100

width (mm)

3 000

Low loading height

780 mm

The maximum loading height

1 380 mm

Normal ride height

1 080 mm(215/75R17.5)

Suspension Type / total stroke

Hydraulic suspension / 600 mm

Hanging regulatory / safety devices

safety valve RBE-R3/8-X-50 HYDAC germany

ball valve: BKH-DN13-15L INTEVA spain

Steering angle


Driveshaft / suspension quantity


Hydraulic motor model


Reducer Model


Max load/axle

25 T (speed 0 - 5 km/h)


0 – 8 km/h

Tire size

215/75 R 17.5

330 Pa when traction (kN)


Max 420 Pa when traction (kN)


How Does Self Propelled Trailer Work?

Self Propelled Trailer is usually composed of power pack (also known as PPU), drive module with hydraulic motor drive axle and modular trailers.

The engine, hydraulic pump and hydraulic oil tank are installed in the power pack (PPU), which mainly provides hydraulic power for the hydraulic motor driving the modular trailer, and also provides hydraulic source for the modular trailer suspension support hydraulic cylinder and steering hydraulic cylinder.

At the same time, when PPU with different power adapts to modular trailer, it also needs to be determined through relevant power check calculation. The power of PPU is related to the total number of axles and the number of drive axles of the matched modular trailer.

The drive module is located in the front of the whole trailer, and is installed in the front suspension power pack. A hydraulic motor is installed in the axle to provide traction for the driving of the vehicle group. At the same time, it carries goods together with the modular trailer.

The steering and speed of the trailer can be controlled through a flexible cable or a wireless remote control, which can be hung in front of the driver's chest and operated at the most suitable observation position next to the trailer.

The module reflects its flexible splicing. The driving module of self-propelled trailer and modular trailer are modular structures that can be spliced longitudinally and transversely. It can be spliced in any form to adapt to goods of different size.

Self Propelled Trailer

Self Propelled Trailer

As shown in the figure above, the combination of modular trailers can have a certain distance from each other and adapt to the shape of special cargos. The trailers can meet the control requirements through cable connection.

In addition, the platform height can be adjusted by using its own hydraulic system. It can better meet the requirements of height limit in transportation, and also facilitate the loading and off load of cargos.

Self Propelled Trailer

Key Features Of Self Propelled Trailer

Key Features Of Self Propelled Trailer

This Self Propelled Trailer can be combined with various series of standard driven modules of our company, also available joint with goldhofer, cometto and other brand modules to work. On the premise of not reducing the maximum driving speed and load capacity of the modular trailer, greatly improve the climbing ability and trafficability of the whole trailer system.

The Self Propelled Trailer is equipped with drive axle and separated power pack(PPU), which can provide auxiliary driving force for the modular trailer. When long-distance transportation is required, the unit can be towed by the truck as a trailer. The Self Propelled Trailer can meet three typical operating conditions at the same time:

  • Heavy load climbing (hydraulic auxiliary drive is turned on and driven synchronously with the truck)

  • Highway high-speed operation (hydraulic auxiliary drive off)

  • Self drive operation (hydraulic auxiliary drive works separately and truck disengages).

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