Shanghai Ruiqianhe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Ruiqianhe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Rui Trailer's Social Responsibility

  • Rui's Social Responsibility About Green Energy

    Green Energy

    Rui trailer as one of the earliest enterprises engaged in wind mill component transport technology research and product development in China is a leading supplier of wind mill transport solutions in China. Rui trailer wind blade trailer products cover more than 20 country, more than 100 client, and more than 2000 wind blade trailer are used. 

  • Rui's Social Responsibility About Donation

    Donation for Child

    This donation activity is of great significance. It brings students not only material help but also spiritual encouragement. Through this donation activity, we saw the care, love and responsibility of people from all walks of life for the development of education, and the confidence and determination of students to serve the motherland and repay the society.

  • Rui's Social Responsibility About Conserving Energy

    Conserve Energy, Reduce Emissions

    Environmental protection is the consensus of all mankind. With the global outbreak of greenhouse effect and ecological disaster, people have an urgent need for environmental protection. With the rapid development of global economy and society, human beings have higher and higher requirements for ecological environment and pay more and more attention to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. The proposal and application of energy-saving and emission reduction technology provide a scientific reference for environmental protection, and its wide application promotes the sustainable development of environmental protection.