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Shanghai Ruiqianhe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Rui's Heavy Duty Trailer Application

Relying on its strong scientific and technological R & D strength, strong manufacturing resources and rich technical accumulation, our Heavy Transport Trailers have made remarkable achievements in renewable energy, shipbuilding, offshore and oil gas.

Heavy Duty Trailer Application For Construction
Construction machine is an important part of equipment industry. In general, all mechanical equipment necessary for comprehensive mechanized construction works required for many works.
Heavy Duty Trailer Application For Infrastructure
Heavy Transport Trailers undertakes the logistics services of heavy duty equipment and materials required for the construction of national key engineering projects.
Heavy Duty Trailer Application For Wind Energy
Wind Energy
Wind energy equipment includes wind blades, turbine, wheel hub and wind tower. Each component belongs to ODC cargo and need transported by ordinary highway and wind power transportation by professional vehicles.
Heavy Duty Trailer Application For Mining
Heavy Transport Trailers play an important role in transportation industry, and its business spans in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, offshore engineering, metallurgy, machinery, construction and other industries.
Heavy Duty Trailer Application For Harbour And Shipyard Logistics
Harbour And Shipyard Logistics
In the heavy duty transportation industry, roll on / roll off transportation refers to the whole transportation process of using SPMT fleet to transport goods from the wharf to ship or barge.
Heavy Duty Trailer Application For Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
In recent years, with the development of construction technology and equipment capacity, the demand for heavy cargo transportation in various engineering industries is also increasing.
Custom Heavy Duty Trailer
Technology is one of the core competitiveness of heavy transport trailers, it can be predicted that in the future, heavy duty cargos will develop towards specialization, complexity and greening.