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How to Choose a Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer Supplier?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a wind turbine blade transport trailer supplier. For this reason, the company's reputation is measured by its ability to meet certain needs and expectations of industry trailer users.

Ⅰ. Factors in choosing a supplier of wind turbine blade transport trailers

1. Quality. This aspect is very important, especially for wind turbine blade transport trailers, as they are very large in length, up to 62 m. With such a long design, the customer wanted to find a trailer made from a material with a high yield strength. Therefore, the materials used in construction are key to obtaining the desired quality. Generally, the windmill blade trailers for sale are expected to remain intact after heavy-duty operations.

2. Delivery time. Check the trailer manual for travel speed specifications both unladen and loaded. Each trailer usually has recommended speeds for different scenarios, so they should guide you as to whether a trailer is right for your operation. Delivery time is key, especially when dealing with many loads. In this case, travel speed will be everything to you.

3. Customization capability. How can your wind turbine blade transport trailer perfectly match your load requirements? Check out options that give you the freedom to customize to your shipping needs. That way, you'll have room to do a lot of tasks without having to use different types of trailers for different loads, which can be an expensive affair.

4. Reliability. Transporting oversized cargo such as wind turbine blades and towers is a daunting task. So you need a windmill blade trailer that can work long hours without breaking down or requiring repairs. Sometimes the long distance from the manufacturing site to the installation site requires a trailer that can run trouble-free for extended periods of time. Review the trailer's operational warranties and performance characteristics to determine its reliability.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention when purchasing a wind turbine blade transport trailer

The wind turbine blade trailer you choose will also depend on the country in which you will be operating. Please pay attention to local rules and regulations regarding road transportation before purchasing. Keep in mind that different countries have different weight requirements for each axle with different wheelbases. Other considerations defined by regulations include the trailer's maximum length, width and even its own weight. All of these are covered by the laws and regulations regarding shipping in different countries. As such, they will play a key role in the selection of the type of wind turbine blade transport trailer you want to buy. Understand these regulations and compare them to trailer features and specifications so you can get the right trailer for your use.