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Learn About Modular Trailers and Their Benefits

Ⅰ. What are the benefits of using a modular trailer?

It's all attributed to the way the modular trailer is designed to handle such a lot of weight. Axles run along and through the main loading frame of a typical self-propelled modular trailer. The axles are placed side by side to form an axis and are controlled by a computer. The capacity of SPMT is determined by its structure and brand. They are designed for transporting heavy cargo. Some modular transporters have only a few axes, while others have as many as 300 axes, which is one of the features that differentiate the quality of a modular trailer. Thanks to the modular trailer capacity, the heaviest loads can be lifted and transported. Therefore, self-propelled modular trailers are the best choice for transporting 5000 tons of equipment. You can buy or rent a modular trailer, depending on the size of your cargo and how often you need this type of service. Modular trailers are capable of transporting seemingly untreatable loads.

Ⅱ. The advantages of modular trailers

Modular trailers have advantages over traditional trailers because they can achieve functions that other trailers cannot. In theory, a modular trailer for sale should have various equipment built in. It can have a platform attached to a frame of a specific width and length. A means of transport that reaches the ground and another means of transport that performs the same function but is attached to the opposite side of the host belong to difficult equipment.

A traction arm with a bed element that is freely coupled to the traction element may be included in the apparatus of the modular trailer. The traction element may be connected to a connector on the trailer that is configured to be securely connected to a ball or any other connecting devices, and the platform may be connected to the trailer frame. For further implementations, the two elements can be freely attached to the trailer bed between retracted and extended positions. All these features make modular trailers useful for transporting large, extra-long and overweight cargo in industries such as construction, electric, metallurgy, chemical and logistics. During transportation, the loading platform of mounted modular hydraulic trailer always keeps balanced to hold the load securely on rough roads. It has excellent damping properties to ensure smooth cargo transportation.

The support kit of this type of heavy-duty trailers allows for 3 to 4 point support, ensuring the same load at each point and eliminating part of the setup. The main support element of the trailer uses a solid box girder frame. Key frame carling, trailer platforms, steering arms, bogie frames are all made of high-performance welded steel. Full and semi-trailer traction is possible with a series of modular trailers. The top speed of the full-trailer traction mode is 40 kilometers per hour, and in this state, this traction mode can obtain the maximum tractive force, which is especially useful in the transportation of heavy goods that require low speed.