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The Difference Between SPT and Self-propelled Modular Trailer

1. Understand the modular trailer

Modular trailers are a range of custom-built trucks designed to transport large quantities of items that are difficult to disassemble. Trailers are also used to transport things that are too long to fit on a truck. Power plants, the chemical industry, the steel industry and the construction industry are some of the major users of modular trailers. One of the safest ways to move large and oversized items on the road is with a modular trailer. The total loaded weight of a modular trailer depends on the maximum load per axle. Their unladen weight should be as low as possible in order to have a greater payload capacity. Since the frame carries most of the load (unladen), weight minimization can be done to increase the trailer's payload capacity. Modular trailers are available in two-, three-, four-, five-, six-, and eight-axle variants. A maximum load of 40 tons per axle is possible. A modular trailer has a higher load capacity because it has more axles.

2. Advantages of modular trailers

Modular trailers can handle tasks that traditional trailers cannot. In theory, a modular trailer should have all kinds of gear built into it. It may have a bed, fastened to a frame of a specific width and length. A vehicle that reaches the ground and another vehicle that does the same but is attached to the opposite side of the host belongs to other equipment. A towing arm with a bed element freely connectable to the towing element can be included in the equipment of the modular trailer. The trailer element can be attached to a connector on the trailer that is configured to attach securely to a ball hitch or any other trailer hitch.

3. The difference between SPT and self-propelled modular trailer

SPT is no modular word to compare self-propelled modular trailers. SPT is a self-propelled modular trailer. It is a simpler version of the self-propelled modular trailer. Generally speaking, we also call SPT self-propelled modular trailer. The SPT evolved from modular hydraulic trailer. It is mainly composed of three parts: ordinary hydraulic multi-axle trailer, power head PPU, and drive axle module.

The appearance of SPT and self-propelled modular trailer is the same. Both consist of a PPU and a trailer module. It is difficult to tell whether they are SPTs or self-propelled modular trailers from the appearance.

Different steering modes: SPT is controlled by linkage. It is an overall steering method. Self-propelled modular trailers are controlled by worm and pinion or rack and pinion, with each suspension steering independently.

Different steering angles: The steering angle of SPT is usually between 45 degrees and 55 degrees, and there is only one way of steering. The steering angle of the self-propelled modular trailer can reach more than 90 degrees, and various steering methods such as pedestrian crossings can be realized, allowing the vehicle to move more efficiently in a smaller range.