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Where Are Heavy Transport Trailers Applicable?

Understanding of heavy transport trailers

The loading capacity of heavy transport trailers can be as high as hundreds of tons, making it a high-efficiency means of transporting goods, especially large and heavy goods such as molds and ships, that cannot be handled by conventional forklifts. Secondly, heavy flatbed trailer transport can greatly save costs. To use a flatbed trailer for transportation, one must take into account its price, fuel costs, daily maintenance costs, and licensed professional drivers, all of which add up to a high cost. A heavy transport trailer, on the other hand, can use one tractor and forklift to tow multiple fully-loaded trailers, greatly reducing costs. Heavy transport trailers are also easy to use, maintain, have a high carrying capacity, and produce minimal pollution, making them the ideal choice for industrial manufacturers who require frequent large-volume goods transportation.

Heavy transport trailers are designed with a heavy chassis structure and have a pivot steering system that is flexible and stable, with a small turning radius. The connection points of the various joints of the trailer are made of high-strength and wear-resistant alloy steel to ensure high quality and lasting use. Heavy transport trailers also use excellent steel-core solid rubber tires, which are maintenance-free and enhance the trailer's carrying capacity and service life.

Under what circumstances are Heavy Transport Trailers used?

Actually, we do not understand trailers very well, especially heavy transport trailers, and we are not clear about when and under what circumstances they are used. What are the structural components of heavy transport trailers?

In fact, heavy flatbed trailers are generally made of steel and are longer than 10 meters, hence the name "heavy transport trailers." Heavy transport trailers have a large loading capacity of up to hundreds of tons and have high efficiency, which is far superior to that of ordinary trailers.

Manufacturers of heavy transport trailers tell us that heavy transport trailers can now be customized according to the actual needs of customers and the entire trailer can be freely designed, making it possible to create heavy transport trailers that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Flatbed trailers can also be flexibly adjusted according to usage and are suitable for mid-range short-distance transportation. However, due to their large size, they are not allowed to enter city centers under normal circumstances. Therefore, heavy transport trailers are rarely seen in urban areas and are more often seen at ports or other locations with heavy loads.