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Configuration and Axle Control of Self-propelled Modular Transporter

Introduction of self-propelled modular transporter

The self-propelled modular transporter is a combination of multi-axis platforms operated by state-of-the-art computer control systems that can rotate 360 degrees as needed to lift, carry, and set very large and heavy loads of many types. Moving at walking speed, this mobile vehicle can carry large structures, such as bridges, from out-of-site locations and precisely position them in their final locations. The self-propelled modular transporter can then leave the site, potentially opening up the area's traffic in minutes or certainly in a few hours.

Characteristics of the self-propelled modular transporter


All trailers are fully modular, meaning the self-propelled modular transporter for sale can be end-to-end or side-by-side connected to create many transportation configurations.

  • Types of vehicle axles: There are two types of self-propelled modular trailer axles: 4-axle and 6-axle. The axles include three types: propulsion, braking, and free-wheeling.

  • Propulsion axle-type self-propelled modular transporter: In this system, the axles of the self-propelled modular transporter are powered by a power unit and begin to move.

  • Braking axle-type self-propelled modular transporter: In this system, the axles are always in the braking position and are unbraked when in motion, then powered by the power unit.

  • Free rotation: In this system, all axles are kept in the free position. Braking and acceleration are controlled by the power pack unit.

Vehicle axle control: 

Each axle is independently controlled by a computerized steering system, allowing the trailer to move in several pre-programmed steering modes or manual control mode. With this system, trailers can be mechanically combined or separated and still function as a single unit. This allows for any potential turning motion. Trailers can also be raised or lowered up to 300 millimeters. These functions are operated by remote control.

Time and cost savings: 

One of the biggest benefits of the self-propelled modular trailer is the tremendous time and labor cost savings it brings. With this incredible technology, entire bridge structures can be dismantled or manoeuvred into position in minutes. The entire structure can be constructed off-site and placed immediately, rather than using fragmentary development methods. This eliminates the need for many small transport trucks to transport components to the site and disrupt traffic.