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Learn About the Different Bogies for Modular Transporters

1. Understanding the modular transporter

Modular transporters, also known as multi-axle trailers and hydraulic platform trailers, are used for long-distance road transport of oversized and unusual cargo. Manufacturers rely on the equipment they own to make high-end products. Technology is now defining how manufacturing operations are done. However, the best devices tend to be bulky and heavy in most cases. Companies always want to invest in the best manufacturing technology, but shipping becomes a major setback.

Transporting 5,000 tons of equipment from one point to another is a huge challenge. It is impossible to move with regular trucks and conventional semi-trailers. For this reason, heavy-duty transport modular transport vehicles are required to transport such heavy loads. The Self-Propelled Modular Transporter for sale provides the necessary solution for the lifting and movement of such heavy loads. What is needed is not to lift and move equipment, but to do it safely without causing any damage to it.

2. Different bogies of modular transport vehicles

The Modular Transporter is all about the way it's designed to manage such a massive weight. A common self-propelled modular trailer is made of axles that run along its main loading frame. To further enhance the capabilities of the modular trailers for heavy equipment, there are two bogie structure designs to meet different needs:

Ball Bearing Type: It has a higher load capacity than any other type on the market. Ideally, it can carry up to 45 tonnes per axle, although it only has a 55° steering angle. The steering system can be used to determine the different types of operations and terrain that the Modular Transporter can handle. These modular transporters with ball bearing ring system for steering are suitable for off-road operations. This type can withstand heavy loads in the field. The structure has been carefully crafted to ensure safety and ensure high performance during heavy-duty operations.

Pivot bearing type: It has a larger steering angle of up to 60° instead of just 55°. Hydraulically controlled modular transporter fitted with pivot bearings for heavy duty road applications. Trailers have reinforced frames that allow them to carry axle loads. This type of modular transporter is best suited for in-plant operations.

The steering mechanism uses two different steering methods for the axles: Automatic steering: During the steering of the truck or tractor, the gooseneck or drawbar provides a signal that causes the axles to begin steering at the same time. Then there's a choice of valve switches or a remote for manual steering of the axle.