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High Load Capacity and Safety of Modular Trailers

Ⅰ. Safety of modular trailers

Due to its enormous size and weight, special attention should be paid to its safety during loading, transport and unloading of project cargo. That's what modular trailers are designed for. It is an ideal tool for keeping cargo in a horizontal balance position, providing 3 and 4 points for the support of even load forces. Modular units use hydraulic wheeled bogies, including bogie frame, hydraulic cylinders, rocker arms, tires and axles, designed to meet the demands of strong load capacity.

On rough road terrain, the axles are designed to oscillate to provide compensation and keep the trailer on track. The modular support system can also be twisted with a hydraulic lift system to control the direction of travel on uneven surfaces. The steering system utilizes hydraulic planar rod drive by adjusting it and a number of reasonable rod layouts. Nonetheless, the vehicle can also achieve normal driving and minimum turning diameter. The main support element of the modular trailer is a solid box girder structure. Mainframe carling, steering arms, bogies and trailer platforms are constructed of high-performance welded steel. This ensures that there are no safety issues when the load is on the platform.

Ⅱ. High carrying capacity of modular trailers

This is arguably the most defining characteristic of a modular trailer for sale, making it a suitable vehicle for project cargo. Its functions start here - its ability to carry the load. The main load-bearing frame and suspension are made of 690 MPa yield stress steel material. Ideally, this is the primary structure that carries the load, considering the most dangerous cargo conditions. The design incorporates a safety factor of 1.5, which means an enhanced ability to manage the load on board without worrying about failure due to the load. The key load-bearing parts of the modular units such as the girder of the frame and the wheel bogie use a sturdy box girder frame. The material used is the same as the high performance welded plate with 690MPa yield strength. The whole frame has high strength and strong bending moment capacity under concentrated load. The absolute lift length of the modular trailer platform is 600mm, providing a compensation of ±300mm, which is sufficient to compensate for axial loads.

What's more, the suspension oil cylinders are directly connected to the steering wheel bogies and are equipped with full-scale spherical plain bearings at both ends of the suspension oil cylinders. It protects the cylinder from any kind of damage. Also, hydraulic accumulators provide good cushioning once the trailer is unloaded. The steering system also has a two-way relief valve that protects the steering system from damage in overload situations.