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How to Choose an Extendable Trailer?

If your load is very long and exceeds the capacity of a standard 48-foot flatbed trailer, what do you do? Goods that are too long to fit on a 48-foot flatbed trailer can be transported on an extendable flatbed trailer.

Understanding Extendable Trailers

The term "extendable" in the phrase "extendable trailer" describes the longitudinal expandability of the trailer. They are similar to most other flatbed trailers, but they have a sliding mechanism that can extend the length of the trailer bed. Extendable beds are also a feature of varieties of flatbed trailers, such as double drops, step decks, or multi-axle trailers. All of these trailers are essentially ideal for hauling the same types of freight as non-extendable models, with the added ability to extend the total length of the trailer and add a substantial amount of extra length to the load.

Using Extendable Trailers

Today, many modern extended flatbed trailer have the ability to "extendable" and become longer when cargo length demands it. Many trucking fleets use extendable trailers to be more efficient than running and maintaining fleets of different-length flatbed trailers. The additional length will vary depending on the trailer manufacturer, typically ranging from 45 feet to 80 feet in total length. If your load requires this extended length to be transported safely and legally on a flatbed, then this is great news. The extended length can also be used to stack more cargo on the flatbed without increasing its vertical clearance requirements. If your cargo requires any special permits, our freight representatives will be able to advise you on the required permits at the time of your quote.

It is important to understand the operating limitations and capacity of the trailer you plan to use. Some extendable trailers must be loaded in a certain way to prevent damage to the slider parts that allow the trailer to expand. On older models of extendable trailers, the weight capacity is reduced. As long as you provide our freight representatives with the accurate size and weight of your goods, we will handle the proper equipment selection and any permit requirements.

The primary advantage of the extendable trailer is their ability to increase their length. If you are unsure of your cargo's exact overall length before the pickup date, then an extendable trailer is your best bet. In this case, be sure to reserve the entire trailer for your shipment and provide as much information as possible about your cargo's loading dimensions to the transportation company to send the right type of trailer.

After you submit your freight requirements and specifications to us, we will determine whether an extendable trailer is needed or if there are other options available. Understanding the different equipment and trailer technologies that can meet your transportation needs is essential, and we are always available to provide assistance in extendable flat trailer for sale.