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How to Choose the Right Modular Trailer Type?

All the features included in the modular trailer design have certain needs to be met. So please understand the differences in installed features before purchasing. One of the defining characteristics of a modular trailer is the type of bearings installed. There are two types of modular trailers classified according to their bearings: pivot bearings and ball bearing races.

1. Choose the Right Modular Trailer Type

Pivot Bearing Type: This is typically used for light-capacity modular units. 23T-25T. If the tonnage is within the given range, be prepared with information about your weight specifications and address this. While this is enough, there is no need to get a bigger one. Despite the low operating weight, this type can also give you a wide range of applications. Modular trailers for heavy equipment can be used both on construction sites and on public roads. This is typically used for extremely low dead weights, with the characteristics of large tires making them suitable for off-road use. It also has technical features that provide a good bending moment that enhances your handling in different positions.

Ball Bearing Races: This is typically used for heavy-duty modular units 30-45T. Don't buy a modular trailer type that doesn't meet your weight needs. If this is the weight range of your cargo, don't impose it on the pivot bearing type. With this type it becomes possible to lift your heavy objects. You can use it on public roads and in operations inside factories. It gives you the best ratio of payload to axle load. Another important feature is the torsion-resistant frame with an enclosed loading platform, which facilitates the loading of concentrated loads and heavy cargoes on the unloading deck.

In addition to looking at the weight capabilities of these two modular trailers, you can also choose whether to install a gooseneck. The gooseneck design helps you save space and use a lighter unit with perfectly articulated frame assemblies. With this feature, your seemingly heavy cargo becomes a breeze. It enables you to handle complex situations on different terrains, especially in off-road applications. At times, handling heavy cargo can get a little complicated. You can choose between Combination Gooseneck Modular Trailers and Universal Gooseneck Modular Trailers to get the performance you want.

2. Find the Right Modular Trailer Manufacturer

Quality can impact the cost impact of frequent repairs and maintenance inspections. It's best to invest in a quality modular trailer that won't bother you for the longest time. When you finally choose a modular trailer, make sure it has quite a few applications for a high return on investment. Go find what you need and cut out unnecessary accessories. For example, split modules are suitable for highway operations. It has hydraulic width adjustments, but they are optional. If your modular trailer doesn't need them, you can decide not to use them.