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How to Maintain Cargo Stability on a Low-bed Semi-trailer?

Understanding low-bed semi-trailer

A semi-trailer is a trailer with axles located behind the vehicle's center of gravity (when evenly loaded) and equipped with a coupling device that transmits horizontal and vertical forces to the towing vehicle. Semi-low loaders for sale are generally three-axle semi-trailers, which come in various types such as enclosed semi-trailers, skeleton container semi-trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, and tank semi-trailers. It is a heavy-duty transport vehicle connected by a traction pin and a semi-trailer.

Keeping cargo stable on low-bed semi-trailer

Expand the base size: 

You can increase the size of the support without automatically increasing stability. Increase your strength in the direction of obstacles. One way to increase the size of the base is to increase the support of the base by changing the position, so that the widest part of the object is on the ground. Another method is to increase the number of contact points with the ground as much as possible. For some larger objects, you may need to create more contact points by changing the packaging or position. Additionally, the semi-low loader trailer used for transporting machinery can widen necessary attachments to increase the size of the work platform.

Increase friction: 

The stability of an object is influenced by the level of frictional resistance between one or more contact points and the foundation or ground. When frictional resistance is low, the object slides or even falls on the ground. Therefore, increasing friction equals increasing stability, especially on smooth surfaces. When considering the surface of contact points, choose surfaces with rough packaging. Sometimes, consignors may use sawdust on the low-bed semi-trailer being sold to keep the weight on a smooth surface stable. You can add any other rough material to the floor or base to increase friction, as long as it does not damage the object.

Lower the center of gravity: 

The center of gravity position supporting the base determines the stability of the object. If the position is higher than the base, the higher the stake, the more unstable the object. This explains why objects that are piled high often tip over. A way to increase stability is to lower the center of gravity or reduce the distance between the center of gravity and the ground. Therefore, double-deck trailers are a good choice for lowering the center of gravity. When carrying high objects, they should be tilted before carrying, and must not be carried upright. When you tilt a tall object or any other object, you may automatically lower the center of gravity.

Slow down:

High speed increases the chance of low-bed semi-trailer tipping over. However, speed does not affect the center of gravity of the object, but determines the size of the object's reaction to external forces. For example, if you are transporting an object at high speed on a four-axle heavy-duty low-bed trailer, suddenly stopping or hitting an obstacle can cause the object to tip over. Sometimes, pressing the brake while driving at high speed can cause the object to fall or slide. If you are carrying something, walking slowly will help keep the center of gravity or balance in the same position.