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Introduction and Characteristics of Self-propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs)

Introduction of Self-propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT)

The Self-propelled Modular Transporter is a platform vehicle with a large number of wheels. It is used to transport large objects such as bridges, oil refining equipment, motors, and other objects that are too large or heavy for trucks. However, trucks can provide traction and braking for SPMTs when going up and down hills. SPMTs are used in many industries around the world such as construction and oil industries, shipyards and offshore industries, highway transportation, factory construction sites, and even for moving oil platforms.

A typical self-propelled modular transporter for sale can have a grid of wheels controlled by dozens of computers, all of which can be individually controlled to distribute weight evenly and accurately turn. Each individual wheel can rotate independently of other wheels to enable it to turn, move sideways, or even rotate on the spot.

Some SPMTs allow the wheels to extend and retract independently of each other, so that the load can remain flat and evenly distributed when moving on uneven terrain. Since SPMTs typically carry the heaviest loads in the world on wheeled vehicles, they are very slow, usually traveling at less than one mile per hour when fully loaded. Some SPMTs are controlled by workers with handheld control panels, while others have cabins. In addition, multiple SPMTs can be combined to transport objects the size of large buildings.

Characteristics of Self-propelled Modular Transporter


Each trailer unit can be divided into 3 and 4 hydraulic zones. Each zone can maintain the hydraulic of each axis in that zone. This allows the trailer to adjust to uneven surfaces, thereby improving the stability of the load. The low loading height and wide wheelbase ensure the high stability of these heavy transport trailers.

Load capacity: 

The platform is non-twisting and anti-bending, designed for direct loading. The platform design and hydraulic system allow each axle to carry a maximum load of 40,000 kilograms. The platform trailer can be equipped with serrated aluminum plates to cover the track bars.


The Power Pack Unit (PPU) provides power for controlling the axle height, steering, braking, and supplying power to the electrical system of the hydraulic system. The rated power of each diesel engine (Z320) is 350 kilowatts. The Power Pack Unit (PPU) provides pressure oil for driving, steering, and lifting operations for the statically hydraulic-driven SPMT self-propelled modular transporter.


The size and weight of the components of the self-propelled transporter can be packed in containers for economical and efficient transportation globally.