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Modular Trailers Can Meet Different Needs and Enable Efficient Transport

1. Efficient transportation of modular trailers

Modular trailers provide an efficient means of transporting project cargo at reliable speeds. Modular trailers are designed and manufactured so that all axles can be rotated 270°. In some cases, you can even find some that can achieve full 360° motion. Given the sheer size of the project cargo, the mobility features present in the modular trailer are very useful.

Each of these axles is usually controlled by a control system to facilitate the turning of the modular trailer. Many movements can be performed on the modular trailer, including allowing it to rotate in one position or move laterally as needed under certain conditions. Different modular trailers found on the market allow the axles to extend and retract independently of each other, allowing the load to remain flat while loading evenly over rough terrain. Each of these axles can be equipped with a built-in hydrostatic drive unit.

Using a hydraulic power pack, it is also possible to provide enough steering power to your modular trailer for heavy equipment. This is also required for drive and suspension operation. The power unit is usually driven by using an internal combustion engine. A single power pack can be used to drive multiple interconnected modular trailers. This enables these vehicles to carry the heaviest loads in the project cargo category. They can effectively move at low speeds when needed to cover a mile per hour, especially in fully loaded mode.

All fields can hold hydraulics to the axles into them. This enables the trailer to make the required adjustments for uneven terrain, ensuring the stability of your cargo during transport.

2. Modular trailers can meet different needs

Due to the modular nature of the trailer, it can meet various cargo needs. These trailers are fully modular, meaning they can be connected to each other end-to-end or side-by-side to provide various configurations for cargo use. End-to-end or side-by-side connections can be achieved through mechanical coupling or in some cases loose coupling. For end-to-end coupling, hydraulic pins are used, while special connection pins are used for side-by-side connections. Each modular trailer for sale has a set of controls that can be synchronized to coordinate steering functions and other operations. Communication between the various modular trailers takes place via the CAN bus that synchronizes and coordinates the combined work.

During the communication between the modular trailers, one of the trailers is marked as the master unit, while the other trailers are left to obtain instructions for operations such as driving, lifting, steering and braking from the designated master unit. These capabilities make it possible to load and transport complex and very large project cargoes.