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Maneuverability and Modular Design of Self-propelled Modular Transporters

Self-propelled modular tansporters are platform vehicles used to move heavy loads on site, usually during construction and maintenance projects. Self-propelled modular transporters are especially useful in places where cranes or trucks cannot access. They allow loads to move in multiple directions and over longer distances than are practical with hydraulic gantry or skid systems. Listed below are examples of items that are frequently moved with self-propelled modular transporters: generators, reactors, generator turbines, transformers, wind turbine components, bridge modules, and more. Self-propelled modular transporters can be combined with other heavy lifting systems to provide tailor-made solutions for a variety of factory projects.

1. The operability of self-propelled modular transport vehicles

The wheels on the self-propelled modular transporter include their own motors so they can rotate independently. This provides impressive maneuverability and control. In addition to the usual forward and reverse directions, the self-propelled modular transporter can be switched to a "crab" mode, which allows it to move laterally, or a "carousel" mode, which rotates the entire configuration. The integrated lift cylinder also lifts and lowers the load - a useful feature to aid in loading and unloading.

2. Dimensions and capacities of self-propelled modular transporters

Some heavy-duty haulage companies use large self-propelled modular haulers designed to transport huge loads of 500 tons or more over a variety of terrains, including off-road surfaces. There are self-propelled modular transporter for sale that offer flexible solutions for smaller "in-plant" transport challenges. Each trailer can handle up to 60 tons, for a total of 720 tons when using the maximum configuration of 12 trailers. Their highly minimized and ultra-thin design make them ideal for in-plant transportation in nuclear and petrochemical plants, as well as other space-constrained industrial sites. The low-profile design is especially useful for placing the unit under items for loading and unloading.

3. Modular design of self-propelled modular transporters

The self-propelled modular trailer can be combined to provide different configurations. Depending on the model, the self-propelled modular transporter can be arranged in up to 6 module lengths and 2 module widths. One to four "two-stage 4" diesel-driven hydraulic power packs will be required to drive the haulier (depending on the size of the configuration).