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How To Transport Wind Turbine Blades

According to the Global Wind Energy Council (Global Wind Energy Council) data, China's demand for wind energy is growing at a rate of at least 10% per year. To meet this demand, up to 10,000 new wind turbines will need to be installed in the next two decades. A single wind turbine blade can be more than 100 meters long, and the tower, nacelle and blades can each weigh several tons. These weight and size equipment and devices exceed the endurance of most basic vehicles, which makes transportation of wind turbine blades expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to coordinate.

1. How to Prepare for Wind Turbine Blades Shipping

Before starting the task of transporting wind turbine blades, a lot of preparations need to be done. These preparations mainly include route planning, coordination of suitable wind turbine blade transport vehicles, and a crucial aspect is obtaining road transport permits. Because of the extraordinary weight and length of wind turbine blades, they are usually extra cautious when approving road transport permits. The following materials are usually required: route measurement reports for bridges, crossings and overhead obstacles; traffic pattern evaluation reports; vehicles Load size diagram; advance test data; transportation permit in accordance with national regulations; bank guarantee, etc.

2. Wind Turbine Blade Transport Options

Wind turbine components can be transported in a variety of ways, including ships, railroads, and heavy trailers. But when building new wind farms and turbines, most of the components that make up the wind turbine must be transported by special wind turbine blade transport vehicles, including RGN extension trailers or windmill blade trailers for sale.