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Modular Trailers Used in Shipbuilding and Wind Power Industries

There are several modular trailer configurations available for a variety of utility applications. Regardless of the arrangement, these trailers are towed by vehicles such as tractors, cars, trucks, ATVs, etc. Traditionally, modular trailers are designed for specific operations. Trailers are typically designed to be towed by trucks and cars on relatively flat terrain and for road operations. Other trailers will be designed to be towed by ATVs and trucks on relatively off-road terrain and used on rough surfaces. Additionally, trailers are often designed to accommodate specific cargo sizes and shapes. Furniture, wood, tools, gravel and other items are often transported in trailers with small walls and beds. Those with large walls and large beds are usually used to transport bulky or large cargo.

1. Modular trailers are used in the shipbuilding industry

Ships and marine components are often bulky and bulky. You can imagine how those large ships that carry goods and people across oceans are built. Ships are used to transport various vehicles and equipment. Do you know how these ships get to their destination and then to the sea? Modular trailers are very useful for transporting parts of a ship to the assembly shop as well as transporting the whole ship into the sea. Ships are usually very large, weighing thousands of tons. The largest ships will require modular trailers with more than 200 shaft systems. Axles are sometimes placed side by side to help transport long and wide loads.

2. The application of modular trailers in the construction industry

Modular trailers are also used in the construction of bridges, large buildings and roads. From the construction site, large bridge sections and large beams are loaded onto modular trailers. Some of these modular trailers for heavy equipment will be attached to a crane arm similar to a robotic arm. These arms transport bridge sections and girder sections from transport vehicles to the road sections under construction. Some of the concrete used in construction is too heavy to be loaded and transported on a semi-trailer. This is where the modular trailer come in handy to help transport building materials and equipment. Construction companies often carry out projects in different locations.

3. Modular trailers are used in the wind power industry

Wind energy is used in many countries around the world to help protect the environment and natural resources. To achieve this, very large equipment is used to facilitate the collection of wind to generate the energy required for transmission. These wind energy harvesters are most likely to be found in mountainous areas with strong winds. Transporting them to these locations requires the use of stable off-road modular trailers.