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Self-propelled Modular Trailer Transport vs. Traditional Railway Transport

What is a self-propelled modular trailer?

A self-propelled modular trailer is a hydraulic platform trailer equipped with a diesel engine or electric motor to drive its own movement, lifting and steering, without the need for a tractor or prime mover. Self-propelled modular trailers are widely used as a perfect solution for the transportation of modules on oil drilling platforms, factory modules, chemical tankers, nuclear reactors, shipyard gantry cranes, high-speed railway bridge construction, wind turbine construction, offshore modules (loads) and other transportation modules for engineering logistics projects, construction, chemical, refining, metallurgical, marine engineering, conventional energy (oil and natural gas) and ecological energy industries are all increasing their demand for self-propelled modular trailers.

Self-propelled modular trailers are more versatile

The self-propelled modular transporter for sale has a wider range of applications in transportation due to its tires, which enable them to travel on various roads, including gravel, side and steep roads. The work site does not require tracks or sliding facilities, whereas traditional railway transportation requires concrete roads with tracks installed. The investment in paved roads and railways is high. The advantage of railway transportation is that it has a lower cost of use compared to self-propelled modular trailer transportation.

With the help of self-propelled modular trailers, manufacturing factories for large projects and yards are no longer limited to designated locations. More use cases are in the oil, electricity, metallurgy, chemical, construction, high-speed rail construction, shipbuilding, new energy (wind and solar), nuclear power and other industries using self-propelled modular trailers instead of rail transportation. Normally, traditional rail transportation cannot travel on steep surfaces, which means you have to compensate for the slope before using traditional rail transportation.

Lifting and combination functions of a self-propelled modular trailer

If we place the goods on a support frame, the self-propelled modular trailer can directly enter the support frame and then start moving after being lifted to lift the support frame from the ground. After reaching the destination, the self-propelled modular trailer platform is lowered, and the support frame carrying the cargo is placed in the yard or assembly site. With the help of the pillow and lifting function, self-propelled modular trailers can achieve automatic loading and unloading. Most rail vehicles do not have lifting capabilities.

Railway equipment can only transport single vehicles and cannot transport oversized items in combination. In the transportation of oversized goods, we can combine multiple self-propelled modular trailer modules, connect hydraulic pipes and circuits, and achieve multiple self-propelled modular trailers running synchronously, which not only meets the requirements but also ensures safety.

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