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What Are the Applications of Modular Trailers?

For long-distance road transport of oversized and unusual cargo, modular trailers are commonly used. Modular trailers are designed and built to carry the heaviest loads in the world. The durability and capacity of each product will depend on the brand you choose. Modular trailers have different uses in different industries. Given the capabilities of modular trailers, it is now much easier to decide what type of trailer to use. The best trailers for transporting heavy equipment and structures have the capacity to carry any load.

Ⅰ. Modular trailers used in chemical manufacturing

One application for modular trailers is the transport of large chemical tanks. These tanks are often large and heavy when loaded with chemicals. Handling them with a semi-trailer is nearly impossible and dangerous. Therefore, chemical tanks need to be transported safely, which is where the modular trailer comes in. In order to keep the chemical tank balanced during transport, a lot of stability is required, such as that provided by a modular trailer. Therefore, the current modular trailer for sale is mainly used in the chemical industry to ensure safety during transportation and the volume of the load. The size of the tank to be transported determines the type of modular trailer to be used.

Ⅱ. Modular trailers are used in electrical engineering

For the transportation of power transformers, power generation companies need modular trailers. The technology used to generate electricity is quite advanced and it involves large equipment such as the mentioned transformers. Power companies use these large transformers to ensure that power is distributed to all areas where it is needed. Most of these power plants are located far from the town hall. Because each station requires a large number of transformers weighing thousands of tons, the use of modular trailers is unavoidable. The big weight is due to the use of heavy metals in its construction for long-term durability.

Ⅲ. Modular trailers are used in offshore industries

Various heavy equipment and structures are found in the offshore industry. Modular trailers have the capability to handle this type of heavy equipment. The industry has large metal structures that require modular trailers and cannot be transported using traditional trailers.

Due to the size of these offshore structures, the largest modular trailers are often used for this application. These trailers usually have many axles to support heavy loads. In some cases, many modular trailers can be connected side-by-side or end-to-end to facilitate the transportation of a single offshore structure. You need to consider your workload and how often you use your trailer to make a buying or leasing decision. Small modular trailers don't require too much moving and storage space. However, they will not be able to handle large and bulky loads. Large modular trailers can carry larger loads but require more space for movement and storage.