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Tips for Choosing an Extendable Flatbed Trailer

With the unprecedented surge in shipping and transportation demands, having the best semi-low loaders for sale at your disposal is crucial to ensuring the success of your business.

Why consider an extendable flatbed trailer?

An extended flatbed trailer is a unique addition to any transportation fleet and offers many benefits due to its versatility. Flatbed trailers provide ample loading space, can accommodate a variety of load types, have low maintenance costs, and allow you to move everything from standard pallets to heavy equipment, cars, and more. If you want to add a "jack of all trades" to your product lineup, a flatbed trailer is a great all-around solution.

What to consider when buying an extendable flatbed trailer?

Adding to your fleet is a huge investment, so you need to take the time to consider several different aspects before committing to funds. Key factors to keep in mind include:

Size and load capacity: 

One of the most crucial things to consider when adding to your fleet is the size of available trailers. Every extendable flatbed trailer has unique requirements based on the type of goods you regularly transport as well as the markets you're considering expanding into, so you need to prioritize these two aspects when looking at trailers. Consider the general size of your goods, weight capacity, and the most suitable size. Whether you need a standard 20- to 40-foot trailer or an expandable model, we've got you covered.

Durability, versatility, and value: 

There is no shortage of extendable flatbed trailers on the market, but not every model ticks these boxes and provides you with what you need in the long run. When considering different options, you need to factor in brand reputation, material quality, dealer expertise, cost, and overall return on investment.

Wheel axles: 

Make sure that any extendable flatbed trailer you're considering meets the legal wheel axle configuration and bridge laws that are relevant to your goods, so that you can minimize hassle on the road. Ruipai Trailer engages in the research and development and manufacturing of heavy-duty trailers, SPMT, and other special transportation equipment. Our products are exported to markets both domestically and abroad, widely used in wind power, shipbuilding, ocean engineering, infrastructure, bridge and tunnel engineering, aerospace, and highway transportation. Ruipaihe is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trailers and related equipment, serving the heavy transportation industry. Our trailer capacity ranges from 20 tons to over 1000 tons, meeting the transport needs of dedicated equipment and bulk goods.