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What Are the Common Issues in Heavy Cargo Transportation?

If you don't have the idea and experience of transporting them, transporting industrial machinery and other oversized cargo in logistics may encounter challenges. These types of loads require special handling, special equipment, optimized routes, and permission from relevant government agencies. Without these requirements, the overload may endanger the safety of truck drivers and other road users. What are some common questions about heavy truck transportation?

What is heavy cargo transportation?

Heavy haul, float, and truckload transportation refer to the business of transporting a batch of goods by one or more trucks according to the weight, nature, volume, and shape of the goods, and transporting them under the condition of truckload. The whole truck cargo transportation generally does not require intermediate links or very few, the delivery time is short, and the corresponding transportation and distribution costs are low. It involves long-distance transportation and distribution between cities or transit trade in order to fully utilize the advantages of fast, convenient, economical, and reliable whole truck cargo transportation. The heavy cargo transportation in the transportation market is mainly the overloaded cargo transportation made by enterprises to obtain more profits.

In the United States and Canada, some load sizes are considered normal. Anything beyond typical size or weight is considered overweight and requires special truck transportation. Overweight loads exceed the following dimensions: width 8.6 feet, height 13.6 feet, length 48-53 feet, and gross weight 80,000 pounds. However, the federal government will limit the weight based on the axle type you use, which is the axle type and their maximum weight capacity they can bear: steering axle 12,000 pounds, single axle 20,000, drive axle 34,000, and tandem axle 34,000.

What licenses are required for heavy cargo transportation?

Before each shipment, you will need the appropriate documents and permits for overloaded truck transportation. However, these regulations vary. For certain types of transportation, you may need permits from cities, counties, or special permits. The permit outlines detailed information about when you are allowed to conduct heavy cargo transportation and business hours.

What else is required for heavy cargo transportation?

The trucks for heavy cargo transportation must have clear and visible signs. You may also need "oversized load" banners, safety signs, lights, and pilot/escort vehicles to clear the roads. These requirements vary by state. Is there any restriction on where and what I can transport? There are no restrictions. You can transport heavy loads across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, but you or your truck driver must be at least 23 years old and hold the required driver's license.