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Blade Lifter Challange with 81m Wind Blade

The company purchased the latest tooling equipment, which can transport 90m long blades. Manager specially reminded the project personnel to follow up the update of wind power equipment to ensure safe transportation, keep pace with the times, be familiar with the operation and maintenance of new equipment, issue concise, clear and accurate instructions, and the crew must cooperate closely. The blades we transport are new structural materials with large blade shaking. 

1. Data Of Blade Lifter Transporting Mission

The blade shaking during smooth transportation is between 0.5m and 0.8m, so that the blade shaking during operation on bumpy roads is between 1m and 1.8m; There are many risks and obstacles along the way, and there are many engineering vehicles and social vehicles, and the road width is only 6.5m. The potholes rolled by engineering vehicles and tank trucks must be filled by timely contacting the loader working with blade lifter transport before operation; There is a new base of the fort camp curb can not be too close, careful collapse. After the disclosure is completed, everyone makes the final inspection on the blade equipment and vehicles, and starts to start.

Blade Lifter

When passing the street intersection, the blade lifter wind turbine lift the blade 30 degrees to avoid the shuttle vehicles, especially the large engineering vehicles and signal towers under construction on the street. The towering blade actually looks down on the building, which requires guarding the left, right, front and three intersections. After lifting, reduce the speed to 5km / h and yaw to the right smoothly, Lift the hoist to 15 degrees after passing the intersection。

2. The Process Of Blade Lifter Transporting Mission

In the process of crossing the 25m long tunnel under the highway bridge, not only bold and careful but also the crew needs to make a pre-judgment in advance. The loader needs to clean and fill the pits left by the rolling of the tank car during road repair. Before entering the tunnel 200m, rotate the blade to the blade tip backward, so as to facilitate the best operation scheme due to the restriction of the road (under construction), The protective pad shall be hung on the right bridge headwall which is easy to scratch, because the three points can not look at each other (blade tip/blade head/vehicle head), which is all due to years of technical accumulation and tacit cooperation of the crew. The tunnel is 5.5m high, while the new tooling is 5.3m high. During operation, the blade must enter the tunnel smoothly to ensure that it can not shake more than 0.5m during driving, Once the shaking exceeds, you need to stop smoothly, then slightly adjust the driving track, and look at the pictures running in the tunnel to show the craftsman skills of our transporters; Then come to the right 0.4m/back 0.2m, left / forward, and finally, pass through the tunnel smoothly with the accurate operation of 20 minutes.

Blade Lifter Wind Turbine

Under the limitation of terrain and road environment, the 81m blade did not embarrass our transporters. We gathered our wisdom and could turn 360 degrees between 20 degrees and 25 degrees according to the performance advantages of the new tooling (according to the counterweight rating), so that we could choose to turn around and avoid and adjust the running track according to the risk obstacles. During the short transportation process, the road needs six times of pitch for six kilometers. It can be seen that the requirements of the 81-meter-long blade on the road environment still exist objectively.

Blade Lifter Transport