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Importance of Safe Transport by Heavy Duty Trailer

How can we ensure the integrity and safety of heavy duty equipment transportation?

This should include reliable transportation equipment and technical team, scientific and reasonable vehicle loading, whole process escort of large cargo transportation, safety guarantee measures and emergency plan, etc.

1. The Necessity Of Ensuring Safety Of Heavy Duty Equipment Transportation

Most heavy duty cargo transportation is out of gauge transportation. The carrier should: refuse overload and legally exceed the gauge. Most large equipment is expensive. The carrier should: there are thousands of roads, safety first; The operation should be standardized and safe forever.

Heavy Duty Cargo Transportation

At 19:36 p.m. on February 29, at an urban road intersection, a white car waiting for release was swept and pressed by a heavy duty transport vehicle loaded with large and ultra long tanks, resulting in damage to the white car. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The main reason for sweeping the white car is that the large truck is too long and the empty area at the end of the tank is too large when turning.

When the accident happened, the driver friend at the scene immediately sounded the horn or reminded the driver of the overrun vehicle in other ways, but it was useless. The driver of the overrun vehicle did not respond.

The small white sedan was towed for more than ten meters until the large truck completed the turn and formed a drop, and the two did not separate. The whole process of the accident was photographed by the rear dash cam.

2. Lesson From This Video

According to the video, after the turning of the large truck, the tank height was slightly higher than the pressed white car, and the seriously damaged white car was able to escape. In the whole process of towing, the driver of the white car opened the door for the first time, and then waited for the opportunity to get out of the car. It was really a sweat for the driver and passengers on the white car.

Heavy Haul Trailers Integrity

Heavy Haul Trailers

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