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Self-propelled Modular Transporter Improves Construction Efficiency

Self-propelled modular transporter: Reduce traffic interruptions

Self-propelled modular transporters allow workers to dismantle or place entire bridge structures on busy roads within minutes or hours. Most of the complex and often dangerous work involved in constructing or dismantling structures in existing traffic paths occurs off-site. Road interruptions only occur in the very brief time window when the structure is being positioned for installation or being transported off-site for dismantling.

In traditional bridge construction processes, traffic passing beneath the bridge is typically restricted in certain types of activities to protect the safety of drivers and workers. Self-propelled modular transporters can greatly reduce the duration of such interruptions. Delays typically last for several days during bridge dismantling, construction, or repair. With self-propelled modular transporters, traffic can be restored to normal in a matter of hours, thanks to the innovative approach of building structures off-site and quickly placing them using Self-propelled modular transporters.

Self-propelled modular transporters: Improve work area safety

Self-propelled modular transporter for-sale technology allows for the prefabrication of structures at an off-site assembly area, where construction workers can perform most of the work away from traffic. This improves the safety of the work environment and reduces drivers' exposure to hazards in road work zones. Throughout the construction process, the ability to work uninterrupted during the day and close to the ground also brings about significant safety benefits for workers.

Self-propelled modular transporter: Improved Quality and Constructibility

Because self-propelled modular transporters allow for bridge construction in a controlled environment on rough terrain, the focus remains on construction rather than the need to adapt to traffic. In this environment, more uniform production capacity and sufficient time for proper concrete curing result in consistent overall quality and constructibility of finished products.

Self-propelled modular transporter technology enhances the flexibility to select temporary storage areas. Lifting structures from below and "driving" them into (or out of) position eliminates many of the problems associated with overhead height restrictions that affect crane hoisting operations, while the supported self-propelled modular transporter load provides additional safety assurance compared to suspended crane loads.

Off-site staging allows contractors to work during the day in a safer environment and extend working hours as needed. For example, site foundation and substructure work can be done simultaneously with upper structure manufacturing, significantly saving construction time. The benefits of further increasing the speed of on-site construction can be achieved by driving through multi-span bridges with lower structures.