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The Speed And Dimensions Of Modular Trailers

Modular trailers are a series of special vehicles used to transport large cargo that is difficult to disassemble. This trailer can also be used to transport over-length cargo. The main application areas of modular trailers include power stations, chemical, steel, and construction industries. Modular trailers are used in mining operations because they have good lateral stability. The steering system of the modular trailer is driven by a hydraulic flat rocker arm. By adjusting the hydraulic steering system and adopting different reasonable steering rocker arm layouts, the vehicle can achieve the smallest turning diameter and normal driving. The support component of the trailer part has a solid box beam structure. The mainframe longitudinal beam, bogie frame, steering arm, and platform are all made of high-performance welded steel.

1. The Dimensions of Modular Trailers

Modular trailers have different modular components, including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-axle vehicle types. The maximum load per axle can reach 40 tons. The greater the number of axles, the higher the carrying capacity of the modular trailer. In addition, there is semi loader, all of its axis frames are composed of left and right semi-modular components.

2. The Speed of Modular Trailers

There are two main models of our modular trailer, including full-trailer towing transporter and semi-trailer towing transporter. The full trailer drag mode can achieve a maximum speed of 40km/h. This model can achieve maximum traction. Therefore, the full trailer mode is used for heavy-duty transportation, but at a slower speed. The semi-trailer traction method can reduce the overall length of the vehicle and reduce the turning diameter. The semi-trailer mode can also increase the payload and speed of the modular trailer. Therefore, the maximum speed of the semi-trailer towing mode is 80km/h, which is twice the maximum speed of the full-trailer towing mode.