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Multi Axle Trailer

Multi-axle trailers are interconnected vehicles designed according to modular (interchangeable structures). The modular trailer can carry cargo with a wide range of size and weight variations and is very versatile. It is suitable for the transportation industry for the transportation of heavy cargo, such as industrial large components, transformers, turbines, and large boilers.

This modular trailer for sale comes with hydraulic shaft compensation and a hydraulic steering system. The 650mm axle compensation amplitude ensures that the weight of the trailer can be evenly distributed on each axle of support when driving with a flat platform height of 1080mm. This means that the overloading of the single modular can be prevented.

During the adjustment operation, the height of the platform can be brought to the right position by means of a hydraulic adjustment device.

Due to the component (module) structure, various forms of connection are possible. The modular trailer can be combined in different ways depending on the transport object.

The connection of the modular trailer and the truck is through the gooseneck device, a special device developed by Rui Trailer. This method can make the truck behind distribute a certain proportion of load pressure, and make the wheels of the tractor bear a certain weight, even when driving on harsh roads

The platform of the series modular trailer is a gooseneck structure, and the longitudinal beam is automatically welded into an "I" shape by a submerged arc of high-strength manganese steel; The low cargo platform height makes it an ideal means of transport for the shipment of excavators, rollers, bulldozers, and large machine tools and equipment. Our company has a complete variety of modular trailers transporting heavy loads, including rigid suspension structures (tandem axle)

Applicable: ultra-high, overweight, and other bulky materials, large machinery transportation