Shanghai Ruiqianhe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Ruiqianhe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Semi Low Loader

1. Hydraulic suspension system

2. Platform height adjustable

3. All wheels can be kept stable

4. Small turning radius, 48° steering angle, and hydraulic gooseneck

5. Automatic and manual steering

6. Extremely strong and durable structure, extremely high load-carrying capacity.

7. Hydraulic shaft suspension adapts to uneven road conditions.

8. The lifting cylinder makes the trailer automatically respond to bad road conditions.

9. Safety valve in the hydraulic circuit.

10. Brake airbox to ensure immediate braking.

11. The oblique shaft and suspension are easy to maintain.

12. Pneumatic and hydraulic quick couplings.

13. The module connection pin adopts a hydraulic cylinder, and the longitudinal connection is fast

14. Double-circuit hydraulic system to ensure safe working condition

RUI Trailer is a China-based manufacturer of modular trailers, multi-axle, goldhofer trailers, and heavy-duty modules.

We manufacture different models of heavy-duty modules, which are fully compatible with the original Goldhofer THP/SL, Nicolas MED, MEDE, and COMETTO MS series.


Rui Trailer provide you with the full set of transport for heavy-duty cargo need, modular trailer, hydraulic multi axle, SPMTs, Self-propelled modular transporter, low bed trailer, low boy trailer, Blade lifter, wind blade trailer, telescopic trailer, container trailer, spmt trailer, stretch trailer