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Why Use a Modular Trailer?

1. The emergence of modular trailers

Project cargo transportation is an international term used to describe the worldwide transportation of large, high value and heavy critical equipment to the desired installation or use location. This is also known as heavy cargo transportation and includes the transportation of different types of components that need to be disassembled for easy transportation. The parts and equipment are shipped independently and reassembled upon arrival at the desired destination. Large shipments based on size and weight require special transportation methods designed to meet their safety needs and provide ideal operational efficiencies.

Imagine moving the wind turbine blades exemplified above over a rough mountain where the road winds all the way to the top of the mountain. Ordinary flatbed trucks cannot carry such loads. Since the roads up the hill are curvy rather than straight, you need specialized transport vehicles to do this, often called modular trailers.

2. What are the benefits of using a modular trailer?

It has been widely proven and agreed that an ordinary container or container cannot take on this project. So why modular trailers?

Basically, modular trailers for heavy equipment have many advantages when used to transport project cargo. These types of trailers operate in a way that traditional trailers cannot. Modular trailers come with a variety of equipment and can be customized to carry unique loads with specific needs. This type of trailer has a bed attached to a frame manufactured according to the desired length and width. Another add-on is the transport all the way to the ground. Although attached to the other side of the trailer's main frame, there is another one that serves the same purpose. The modular trailer apparatus may also include a trailing arm having a base feature that is freely connectable to tow it. To address the unique size and nature of cargo, modular trailers offer many options, especially the equipment needed to lift and hold cargo in place during transport.

In this case, the car can be connected to the trailer frame and the towing portion can be connected to a connector on the trailer set to securely connect itself to the trailer car between the extended and retracted positions. All modular trailer for sale enhances its practicality and suitability for transporting large, extra-long and overweight cargoes that are often noticeable in various industries such as the energy and construction industries. A key feature of the modular trailer is the suspension hydraulic system on the trailer loading platform to keep it balanced during transport.